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H. A. A. Spring Meeting.


The H. A. A. held its annual spring meeting on Holmes Field last Saturday. The track was in excellent condition, but a strong wind blowing down the track, while it helped the sprinting, made very quick time in most of the other events impossible. The number of entries was very large, and the promptness with which the events were run off was praiseworthy. Only one Harvard record was broken; in the 120 yds. hurdle race, G. R. Fearing, '93, the only contestant, covering the distance in 17 2-5 seconds, 1-5 of a second better than the Harvard record. In the mile run G. Lowell, '92, tied the Harvard record of 4m., 38 3 5 sec. R. H. Davis, '91, tried to break the 2 mile bicycle record, but did not succeed, owing to the wind and to poor pacing; his time was 6.04 1-5, five seconds slower than the Harvard record.

The winners were as follows: 120 yds hurdle race, G. R. Fearing, '93, first; time 17 2-5 sec. (Best previous Harvard record was 17 3-5 sec.)

1 mile walk; C. R. Bardeen, '93, first, time 7m., 20 4 5 sec.

440 yds. dash; W. H. Wright, '92, first, E. Sturgis, '90, second; time 53 sec.

100 yds dash; first heat, E. C. Moen, '91, first, O. K. Hawes, '92, second; time 10 2-5 sec.; second heat, W. F. Baker, '93, first, S. V. R. Crosby, second; time 10 4-5 sec.; final heat, E. C. Moen, '91, first, O. K. Hawes, '92, second; time 10 1 5 sec.

Putting the shot; H. R. Allen, '92, first, W. H. Shea, '92, second; distance 36 ft., 11 in.

Running high jump; G. R. Fearing, '93, first, A. H. Green, '92, second; height 5 ft., 6 1-4 in.

2 Mile Bicycle Race; P. W. Davis, '93, first, K. Brown, '91, second; time 6m., 44 1-5 sec.

One mile run; G. Lowell, '92, first, A. M. White, '92, second; time 4m., 38 3-5 sec. (equals Harvard record.)

Throwing the hammer; H. R. Allen, '92, first, S. H. Evins, '93, second; distance 88 ft.

Running broad jump; T. Hale, Jr., '92, first, A. H. Green, '92, second; distance, 20 ft. 2 1-2 in.

220 yds. hurdle race (about 2-3 distance); first heat, J. P. Lee, '91, first, G. R. Fearing, '93, second; time 17 2-5 sec.: second heat; T. J. Stead, '91, first, Allen, '93, second; time 17 4-5 sec.: final heat; J. P. Lee, '91, first, G. R. Fearing, '93, second; time 17 1-5 sec.

220 yds. dash; J. P. Lee, '91, first, O. K. Hawes, '92, second; time 23 4 5 sec.

Half mile run; W. C. Downes, '90, first, W. H. Wright, '92, second; time 2 m. 1 1-5 sec.

Pole vault; J. Crane, '90, first, G. W. Wheelwright, '90, second; height 10 ft. 1 in.

The officers of the meeting were: referee, W. H. Goodwin Jr. '84; judges, G. S. Mandell, '89, F. B. Lund, '88; judge of walking, E. E. Merrill; starter, R. S. Hale, '91; clerk of the course, J. Wendell Jr., '91; assistant clerks of the course, J. H. Rhoades, Jr., '92, J. T. Burnett, '91; timers, E. E. Merrill, F. M. Wood, J. G. Lathrop; measurers, W. Myer, '90, R. B. Hale, '91; scorer, J. H. Hunt, '92.

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