Competitors for the Boylston Prizes for Declamation.

Sanders Theatre, Thursday, May 8, 1890, at 7.30 p. m. (The order of speakers is determined by lot).

1. John Cummings,- The Prisoner of Chillon.- Byron.

2. Henry Bradford Washburn-What is Human Knowledge? -Edward Everett.

3. Harry Edwin Burton-Under the Flag.- Wendell Phillips.


4. Myron Francis Hill-The Diver.- Schiller.

5. Harvey Humphrey Baker-Pro Milone.- Cicero.


6. Frederic Sprague Goodwin-To the Young Men of Massachusetts.- Carl Schurz.

INTERMISSION OF FIVE MINUTES.7. Edward Stetson Griffing-American Nationality.- Rufus Choate.

8. William Edward Burghardt DuBois-American Battle-Flags.- Carl Schurz.

9. George Bridges Henshaw-The New South.- Henry W. Grady.

10. Robert Treat Whitehouse-Hofer's Defence.

11. Leroy Blanchard Williams-Concerning Affairs in America.- Chatham.

12. Francis Parkman Denny-Invidious Distincitions.- Hugh S. Legare.