The examination in Engineering 7 (which is not on the list of examinations) will be held in Dane Hall today.

H. A. A.- The Mott Haven team will be photographed today at Pach's at 1. 30.

EDWORD STURGIS.HISTORICAL SOCIETY.- Imporant meeting today at 1. 30 in M. 14.

E. A. DARLING, Sec'y.H. A. A.- The executive committee will be photographed today at Pach's at 2.30.

EDWARD STURGIS.HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- Important business meeting Thursday evening, June 12. at 7.30 at new rooms in Sanborn's Block. Election of officers and smoker. Annual dues must be pald then, or sent to the secretary, 19 Garfield Street.


C. W. SPENCER, Sec'y.CRICKET ELEVES.- The following men will be on Holmes field at 10.30 to play Pennsylvania,- Garrett, Balch, Skinner, Carpenter, Frost, Sullivan, MacVeagh, Crowninshield, Parker, Hewes, Chew and Davis.

R. D. BROWN.All who wish to go to New Haven Saturday for the freshman game will please sign the blue-book at Leavitt and Peirce's. If enough go a reduction will be made.

ARTHUR P. STONE.Tickets for the university cricket match with the University of Pennsylvania on Holmes Field Wednesday June 11, can be obtained at Thurston's. Price 25 cents.