All the remaining make up examinations will be held at 9.30 today in U. 4.

HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- Theatricals tonight at 8 p. m.

J. A. LOWELL, Sec.ENGLISH 12.- Students will please take their daily and fortnightly themes from Sever 1 today.

Any seniors whose pictures were given to us early in the season, and who have not received them back, should notify us at once.

PUB. HARVARD PORTFOLIO.The other half of the senior class must be present today at the last rehearsal of the class song. Dane Hall, 5 o'clock.


E. A. BIGELOW.Members of the Mott Haven team who signed for copies of the group taken on Cranston's steps, may get them at Thurston's.

YALE-HARVARD RACE.- I have chartered a very fast steamer to follow the 'varsity race at New London on June 27th, from start to finish. The boat will accommodate 250 persons, but the number will be limited to 200. Tickets now ready. Price $2.50.

CHARLES H. THURSTON, 420 Harvard Street, Cambridge.H. A. A.- Prizes for the university and class games have been promised this week. Will all those men who are going away before Class Day kindly leave their names at Batlett's, and their prizes will be forwarded to them. Members of the '93 and '91 tug-of-wars will also obtain prizes.

UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB.- All members are invited to be present at the annual meeting of the Cambridge Tennis and Archery Club on Saturday, June 21st, at 5.30. Grounds corner of Brattle Street and Elmwood Avenue. All members, past or present, will meet on Class Day at 8.30 p. m. in front of Holworthy.

M. WILLIAMS, Jr., President.