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The Crews at New London.

NEW LONDON, CONN, June 19, 1890.


Work on the river has now commenced in earnest. Yesterday morning both crews, freshman and 'varsity arose at seven o'clock, took a mile walk and breakfasted. They then played ball and sat around till eleven o'clock, when they went out for their morning row. They had hardly left the float and started when the Yale launch, with Perey Boltou and Bob. Cook on board, darted out from their float and followed. They were bent on seeing what new points the Harvard men had picked up and how they rowed, but after following them for half an hour they went back to their (Yale's) quarters. In the afternoon neither freshman nor 'varsity went out before six o'clock. The 'varsity took two shells down with them, and yesterday rowed one awhile and then changed to the other. Mr. Keyes trying to ascertain which of the two, the cedar or the paper, is the better.

Both Yale crews and the Columbia freshmen are here, and Cornell and U. of P. are expected to arrive tomorrow. Yale's crew does not appear to be so strong as some of the previous years' crews, but on the other hand, the men show remarkable ease and grace in the stroke and recover. They do not have much body swing, yet space very well. Yale's freshman crew seems much better than the Columbia freshmen, but it cannot be stated on the strength of one day's observation that they could row two miles much faster. It is not yet decided whether our freshmen are to row Columbia or Yale, although it will probably be Columbia. We wish to row on the 26th, the day before the 'varsity, while Columbia wishes to row early in the week or on Saturday, the day after the 'varsity race. Our men are firm, however, and we will probably row them on Thursday, the 26th.

W. C. N.

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