Criticism on the Yale Crew.

The Yale News has the following criticism on the men who are to row in the crew:

No. 1, C. F. Rogers, '90 S., is apt to be slow on the catch, and otherwise is pretty good,

No. 2, W. A. Simms, '90 S., is very slow with his hands on the recover, swings his shoulders up after the other men, kicks his slide out from under him, and catches the water with a jerk instead of with a careful catch.

No. 3, G. S. Brewster, '91, swings too far back, is very apt to bury his oar too deep, and splashes somewhat.

No. 4, J. A. Hartwell, P. G., is slow with his hands, throws himself aft, over-reaches and goes back too far, besides being slow on the catch. He also dips his oar too deep and finishes behind the other men, caused by "overreaching."

No. 5, A. B. Newell, '90, rows with a very crooked back and is otherwise pretty fair.

No. 6, H. T. Ferris '91, rows a little too short a stroke, finishes ahead of 8 and is very apt to buck, but otherwise pulls a good oar.

No. 7, S. B. Ives '93, is a new man and doesn't hold his slide under him either at the catch or finish, bucks at the finish, and is very slow in getting his hands away from his body. He is also a little slower than 8, not following his time as he should.

No. 8, Philip Allen '90 S, is apt to buck, but otherwise rows a very good oar.