Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew is practising daily under the coaching of W. Brooks, '87. They will probably go to New London on the afternoon of June 17, if the class show sufficient loyalty and subscribe enough, and until June 25, the day of the race, they will take up their quarters at Capt. Molthrop's, four miles from New London, on the Thames River.

The following is a list of the crew as they are rowing at present, and as they will, in all probability, row at New London against Columbia:-

Position. Weight

Stroke-S. C. Davis. 159 1-2

7.- C. W. Keyes. 163

6.- D. R. Vail. 182

5.- C. K. Cummings,. 173 1-2

4.- H. Hathaway, jr. 151

3.- D. O. Earle (Capt.). 165 1-2

2.- R. G. Miller. 148 1-2

Bow-G. E. Burgess. 143

Cox-W. C. Nichols. 108

Substitutes-Slade, 169 lbs.; Baldwin, 137; Post, 154.

The faults of the men are as follows: Bow goes back too far. 2 swings round too far at full reach, and doesn't pull his oar through. 3 doesn't finish his stroke, gets too little body swing, and starts his slide too slowly. 4 feathers too flatly, and doesn't pull his stroke through to the body. 5 needs to wake up, and yeaks his hands in at finish. 6 is awkward, feathers poorly, is unsteady on recover, and doesn't swing out quick enough. 7 doesn't follow stroke quick enough, and doesn't pull his oar through. Stroke drops down at full reach and hangs. As a whole the crew is too slow at the catch shows too little life, and the boat is unsteady at full reach and goes down to port. The men have, however, considerable power, they space well, and are steadily improving. The boat, too, goes up and down very little.