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Foot Ball.


All the candidates for the foot ball team met yesterday afternoon on Jarvis Field for the first time. Between ninety and one hundred men presented themselves to Captain Cumnock as candidates, and were put to work immediately with as much system as possible on the first day. They were divided into squads according to the positions for which they are trying, and went through an hour and a half of light work under the supervision of Captain Cumnock and the coaches. The men are all stiff and awkward, naturally, but there seems to be an abundance of good foot ball material among them. Back of the line the eleven promises to be unusually strong. All of the men who played last year in these positions are back and at work, with the exception of Saxe; in addition there are a number of new men who have had more or less experience in the game and who promise to develope with proper training into very valuable players. For full-back, besides Trafford, '93, who filled the position so acceptably last year, there are trying Frothingham, '93, who was full-back on last year's Freshman eleven, and Corbett, '94, for two years captain of the Cambridge Latin School team.

There are a great many candidates for half-backs, and the material is unusually good. The list includes the following men: Lee, '91, Moen, '91, Blaney, '91, Fearing, '92, White, '92, McNear, '91, Schoen, '92, Hubbard, '92, Frothingham, '94, Bisbee, '93, Broughton, '93, Blake, '93, Thaye, Corbett, '94, Lake, '94, Bowman, '91, Sherwin, '94, Mackie, '94, Bishop, '94, Wildes, Hubbard, Gage. These men practice taking the ball, and going through the line.

The candidates for quarter-back include Dean, '91, who filled the position last year, Hading, L. S., who played two years ago, Cabot, '94, Burgess, '93, and Kendricken, '93.

The following men in addition to Captain Cumnock will try for endrush: Hallowell, '93, McDonald, '91, Crosby, '91, Miller, '93, Gray, '92, Alward, L. S., Winthrop, '91, Curtis, '92, Diblee, '93, Page, '91, Stearns, Spaulding, '92, Farquhar, '93, Putnam, '92, Cheney, '92, Winsor, '93, and Newell, '94.

For the position of tackle the following men are candidates: Upton, '93, Blanchard, '91, Stickney, L. S., Newell, '92, Shea, '94, Wrenn, '92, Weed, Davis, '93, Keene, '93, Draper, Walcott, Thomas, Quimby, Pool, Shea, Wheelwright, Earl, '93, Hand, '93, Walker, Low, Carey and Beals.

For guards and center, S. Berry, '92, Evins, '93, Vail, '93, Saltonstall, '94, Rantoul, '92, Hubbard, '92 and Fay will try. It is impossible to say much of the prospect for a strong rush line until the candidates have played together for some time. The men seem to have considerable weight and are an active lot, but very few of them have had much experience.

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