Special Notices.

CLUB TABLES.- 13 Bow St., Mrs. E. L. Metcalf offers accommodations for clubs of 4 to 8 members.

STUDENT'S BOARD.- A club table, also a general table, at Brewer's, Brattle Square, Cambridge.

A suite of 2 handsomely furnished rooms to let at 20 Holyoke St. Rent cheap.

Miss M. L. Olsson, at 3 HARVARD ROW has a large and fine stock of UPRIGHT PIANOS which she can rent to STUDENTS at LOWER PRICES than can be procured in Boston. No charge for carting and tuning.

A good stock of Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, Strings, etc., constantly on hand. od nov 1


FOR SALE.- Carpet, chamber set and stove. Apply to Porter in Stoughton.

A very desirable room unexpectedly vacated, in the best part of Cambridge, with board, can be had by applying to

W. R. ELLIS, 426 Harvard

STUDENTS' BOARD.- A club table, also a general table, at

BREWER'S, Brattle Square, Cambridge.TABLE BOARD.- 21 Trowbridge St., between Harvard and Main. Table first-class. sep. 29. 4t