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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Some people cannot believe that they are not perfect if they are not constantly informed of their shortcomings. I remember a girl whose charms were most conspicuous for their absence who once remarked, "How pretty I am!" "What makes you think so?" inquired a hearer. "Oh," replied she, "no one ever told me I was ugly."

The president of the Glee Club says he saw only one adverse criticism of the concerts given on the trip. Was the president too busy to read the papers. I wonder or were expurgated editions furnished to the Glee Club? One has to go farther west than St. Louis nowadays, to have criticism emphasized with pistol balls, and a chinocerous does not mind mustard shot.

The sincerity of his communication is however, shown by his concluding remarks about the Lampoon, wherein he laments the irregularity of its issue. His solicitude must be of an unselfish and non-personal nature for the president of the Glee Club is not a subscriber to the "Only Successful."


If, however,- as would seem most probable-the president of the Glee Club did not write the communication himself. I can only sympathize with him for the character of the correspondent who chose to masquerade under his name.

Envying the author his pachyderm invulnerability, I am