Fact and Rumor.

Hereafter the attendance of the candidates for the Mott Haven team will be taken.

Prof Briggs is ill with bronchitis and it may be several days before he will be able to meet his classes.

Professor Davis will lecture in Brattle Hall Thursday evening on "The Tornado at Lawrence last July."

At the meeting of the Conference Francaise this evening the speakers will be C. II. Page, Grad., and F. N. Robinson '91.

Captain Nathan Appleton will read a paper on Reminiscences of Harvard uning the Rebelion" at the Hasey Pudding House next Friday evening.


The following men have been elected to the Conference Francaise: E. Emerson '91, A. Hyatt '93, L. L. Schurz '93, S. L. Friden burg '93, W. D. Orcutt '92, W. F. Boos 93, A. A. Beebe '94.