HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- Smoker of the Club in Niles' Block at 8 o'clock Thursday.

B. C. DE WOLF, Sec.LOST.- A copy of Stubbs' Select Charters. Will finder please return to 23 Holyoke.

THERE will be a meeting of the Exeter Club on Friday of this week, the 16th, at the Union Club Rooms at 7.30. Every Exeter man in college ought to attend.

W. J. FARQUHAR, Vice-President.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- The Christian Association will meet this evening at 6.30 in Lawrence Hall. All are cordially invited.

THE semi-annual election of officers of the Harvard Y. M. C. A. will occur directly after the devotional meeting this evening. All members are urged to be present.

JESSE G. NICHOLS.LOST.- In the Lawrence Scientific School, a pair of cuffs containing gold link cuff buttons. Finder will please leave with the janitor of Lawrence or at Leavitt and Peirce's.

There will be a meeting of all the candidates for the freshman crew at 25 Beck Hall this evening at 7.30.