Fact and Rumor.

French IV has just taken up La Duchesse.

Black '91, is captain of the Princeton Mott Haven Team.

Hartwell is coaching the Yale crew at present.

There are 34 candidates for the Yale freshman crew.

There are more than 950 students in Technology.


It is said that Stagg will coach the Yale nine this year.

The Harvard Co-operative Society has 840 members.

Cornell is trying to raise $4,000 for the university and freshman crews.

The Columbia crew and tug-of-war team will go into regular training this week.

The president of Pekin University is translating Shakespeare's works into Chinese.

The Cornell foot ball team has elected C. M. Johnson of the Law School, captain for next year.

Blue books and outline maps of Western Europe must be handed in tomorrow in History 1.

Van Huyck '93, S. has been appointed temporary captain of the Yale freshman crew.

F. N. Havener '93, has been elected president of his class, at Boston University.

All men on the waiting list of the Foxcroft Club have been admitted to membership.