Fact and Rumor.

There 37 men training for the Columbia freshman crew.

Dr. Hart will lecture on the Geography required in History 13 this afternoon at 4.

Experiments in Physics C, Mr. Hooper's division, must be handed in by Thursday night.

In History I Professor Channing will hold a seminar at 2 o'clock Saturday, January 31.

The catalogue of Amherst College for the current year shows a total of 352 students.

On page 147 of the new Index under "Ten Yards Dash," "A. Hall '91" should be "J. Hale, Jr., '92."

Houghton, Mifflin and Co. have just published Prof. Chas. Sprague Sargent's "Silva of North America."

Sixteen entries for the meeting of the B. A. A. on the 26th, have been recorded for Boston and vicinity.

Most of last year's varsity crew at Cornell have returned to college and the outlook for the crew is exceptionally good.

All sections in Political Economy 1 meet at 9 this morning in Lower Mass. Professor Taussig will lecture on the Double Standard.

The Manhattan Athletic Club is making preparations for an indoor athletic meeting to be held in Madison Square Garden about March 1st.

"The Doctor of Alcantara," a comic opera, will be presented for the benefit of the Rowing Club of the University of Pennsylvania. The performance is in charge of a committee of graduates and friends.

The Princeton freshman nine is expected to be very strong this year. There are forty-eight candidates, most of whom have played on preparatory school nines. Indoor practice will begin in a short time.

Members of the Harvard Christian Association conducted the regular service at the Boston City Hospital on Sunday afternoon. The meeting is held for the nurses and convalescents of the institution and is under the charge of D. W. Waldron, City Missionary.

The assignment of examination rooms in Chemistry A is as follows: Abbe through Driver, in Sever 37; Dunn through Lewis, in Upper Mass.: Linfield through Varney, in Lower Mass.; Walker through Wrenn, in Sever 30; Specials, L. S. S., and Conditioned men in Sever 35.

The "Copley" medal for 1890 has been awarded to Professor Newcomb of Johns Hopkins University, by the Royal Society of Lodon. This medal is yearly given to that man who has given the most valuable aid to scientific research during the year. It was first given to Benjamin Franklin. It is the highest honor ever attained by a scientific man to receive this medal.