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Chicago University.


The trustees of the Chicago University met during the holidays, and adopted the plan of organization prepared and submitted by the committee on Faculties and Organization.

Professor Harper of Yale, is chairman of this committee, and in him the scheme for conducting the new University originated. The work will be arranged under three general divisions: The University proper, the University extension work, and the University publication work. The University proper will include academies and colleges. The first academy will be established according to the terms of the recent gift of John D. Rockefeller, and others will be organized as rapidly as opportunities are presented. Of colleges there will be organized the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science, and the College of Literature and the College of Practical Arts. It is proposed to incorporate the Baptist Theological seminary at Morgan Park as the Divinity School. As soon as the funds of the University permit there will be established a Law School, Medical School, School of Engineering, School of Pedagogy, School of Fine Arts and a School of Music.

The plan adopted in reference to the University extension work will be brought out by regular courses of lectures, delivered at points in and about the city of Chicago; evening courses in College and University subjects: correspondence courses and special courses in a scientific study of the Bible. The central university, located at Chicago, will operate through a system of preparatory branch schools scattered throughout the country, under the direct control of the central University. The regular curriculum may be dispensed with and bright and ambitious students allowed to complete the college course as circumstances direct. The committee on buildings favor adopting the seminary plan,- that is, to arrange the recitation rooms in suites of three to five rooms around a central room, which shall contain the library or laboratory of the department. This system is in use in Johns Hopkins University. A general recitation room, costing, probably, $200,000, and two or three dormitories to accommodate four hundred students, will soon be erected. It is expected that the institution will open October, 1892, with not less than five hundred students.

The University publication work will include the printing and publishing of the University bulletins, catalogues and other official documents; special papers, journals or reviews of a scientific character, prepared or edited by instructors in the various departments of the University, also books and pamphlets by University instructors.

Of the $600,000 fund for building originally subscribed in Chicago, $115,000 has been sent in and not one-tenth of the time has elapsed when the whole subscriptions become payable. This does not include the ten acres deeded to the University by Marshall Field. This property is estimated as worth $200,000.

Dr. Harper's connection with the report was simply as a member of the committee on organization. It will probably be next May before he gives a definite answer as to whether he will accept the office of president, tendered him by the trustees. If he accepts it his departure will leave vacant the senior professorship of Bible studies at Yale.

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