Fact and Rumor.

There are 40 candidates for this year's Andover base ball team.

French 2 will begin Eugenie Grandet by Balzac, Monday, February 9.

Professor J. W. White is engaged in work on the new volume of "Harvard Studies in Classical Philology," which will appear shortly.

The work for the freshman nine will not begin until after the mid-years.

C. M. Johnson, L. S., has been elected captain of the Cornell football team.


An exercise in Latin E will be due on the first Monday after the mid-years.

It is said that Dalzell has injured his heart and will be unable to play ball this year.

Professor White will have an article in the Harvard Classical Series on "The Greek Stage."

The Yale rowing tank has been shortened four feet, and thus the men can set a faster stroke.

The Trinity and Brown Glee Clubs will give joint concerts this winter in Providence and Hartford.

The mid-year examination in Geology 4 will be a two hour instead of the usual three hour paper.

The Andover football team have received miniature gold footballs as souvenirs of their victory over Exeter.

The new board track for the winter use of the Mott Haven team is now ready for use. It is just six laps to the mile.

The Waterman Scholarship prizes at Yale have been awarded to J. G. Estill '91, J. W. Ingersoll '92, and T. Mullally '92.

J. Taylor, Jr., '91, has resigned the position of managing editor of The Phillipian, and G. S. McLane '92 has been elected.

Men in Political Economy 1 will be required to make their choice between sections A and B for the second half year at the mid-year examination.

The library at Cornell contains 140,000 volumes, and is said to have the finest collection of works on French history that can be found outside of France.