Special Notice.

HISTORY 12, Pol. Econ. 4, History 2. Tutoring and Seminars.

W. ALEXANDER '87,To be found at 17 Weld on and after Sunday, January 25.

HISTORY 13 SEMINARS.- Friday, I. at 2 p. m. To, and including the constitution. II. at 7.15 p. m. 1789 to the end. With maps, questions, etc., at each seminar. Fee for each, $2.50.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.92 2t

GERMAN.- Tutoring in German A, B, C, 1a and 1b. Also, if desired, in the higher German courses.


ALBERT E. TAUSSIG '91, 25 Divinity Hall.92 3t