University Crew News.

A number of changes have lately been made in the order of rowing. Waitress, Rantoul, Vail and Jones went over to the second crew, and Cummings, Shaw. Newell and Ellsworth went on the first.

Mr. J. A. Watson-Taylor who rowed on the Cambridge University crew in 1878, and is now living in New York, has been in town several days looking at the crew. Tuesday night Mr. Watson-Taylor had a talk with the crew on the theory of rowing and explained the present mode of rowing in England. There is an almost absolute similarity between the principles of rowing in England and in Yale and Harvard. There are some points of difference; all Englishmen are agreed that the slide and body swing ought to go together both in the stroke and in the recover; in Yale the swing and slide go together on the recover but not in the stroke. Harvard men bring their slides and body swing into one motion in the stroke and separate them on the recover. Yale made an innovation last year in not rowing the oar quite in to the body; Harvard did not follow her example and opinions are somewhat divided as to the value of it. Mr. Watson-Taylor does not believe in this mode of finishing. He has watched the rowing at both Yale and Harvard for the past two seasons and on several occasions has coached the Harvard crews.

Following are the names and approximate weights of the men who are now trying for places:


Stroke, Powers '92 164


7 Perkins '91, 165

6 Kelton '93, 193

5 Cummings '92, 170

4 Shaw '94, 190

3 Fitzhugh '91, 180

2 Newell '94, 165

Bow, Ellsworth '93, 160


Stroke, Watriss '92, 165

7 Rantoul '92, 160