CRIMSON MEETING.- There will be a regular meeting of the CRIMSON board in the sanctum at 1.30 today.

FRENCH 1o will begin de Vigny's "Le Cachet rouge."

ROBT. SANDERSON.GEOLOGY 1.- A lecture will be given 9 to 10 o'clock, Monday, Jan. 5, to the entire class, replacing recitations in sections.

Geology 8.- The class will meet Professor Davis and Dr. Wolff on Monday January 5, at 10 o'clock, to begin third-hour work for winter months.

W. M. DAVIS.CANOE CLUB.- Newly elected members must sign the constitution before January 10th or they will be dropped from the list.


J. A. WILDER, Purser.FRESHMAN CREW.- All men trying for the crew will be at the gymnasium dressed to row at 4.30 sharp.

J. M. THOMPSON, Temporary Captain.LOST.- A meerschaum pipe; no carving; peculiar horn shaped bowl, clouded amber stem. Reward. 3 Holworthy.

LOST.- Notes in Geol. 1, Chem. 1, and a Rolfe. These were together.

J. A. WILDER, 3 Holworthy.