Fact and Rumor.

The senior crew will begin work today.

The Pierian will play in Brighton Friday.

Mathematics A will begin Sever's problems on Thursday.

A University Club has been formed in Pittsburg, Penn.

Novelleten Bibliothek is now being read in German C.


Greek 6 will begin Lycurgus' oration against Socrates on Thursday.

E. P. Merwin has been chosen leader protem. of the Freshman Banjo Club.

The number of students at Brown is 352, an increase of 76 over last year.

Mr. Bowles will give lectures in boxing every afternoon in the Gymnasium.

Horsecars will run to Cambridge via Park Sq., after the first assembly Friday night.

In French 1a Professor Sumichrast announced that blue books must be passed in Jan. 14.

J. T. Davis, Jr., '89, who was on both the 'varsity crew and eleven is in business in St. Louis, Mo.

At History 1 conferences about one-half of the reading thus far given out will be required.

At the trial of candidates for the Freshman Banjo Club last night the following men were elected: D. F. Calham, E. P. Merwin, Jr., E. Tuckerman, B. Wells, B. Olmsted.