LOST.- A card case with owner's cards and a few other articles in it. Finder will please leave at Leavitt and Peirce's

THE following men will please come to a banjo trial tonight at 7.30 at 4 Thayer. More guitars are needed: C. T. Keller, D. W. Lane, W. S. Johnson, W. D. Flagg, J. S. Fay.

WILL the following men please meet at 896 Main St. at 6 p. m. on Wednesday. January 7, 1891: F. Burlingham, D. Blagden, T. J. Stead, A. M. White. R. S. Hale, H. Washburn, C. T. R. Bates, C. Bardeen, V. S. Rothschild, J. S Cook, O. K. Hawes, P. W. Davis, J. Hale, W. L. Thompson, G. R. Fearing, T. Sherwin, H. M. Wheelwright, H. Morgan, R. B. Beals, J. Corbin, A. H. Green, W. B. Gleenleaf, K. Brown.

E. C. MOEN, Pres. H. A. A.JOSEPH HOWLAND HUNT, Treas. H. A. A.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock.

R. B. BEALS, Sec.PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal this evening at 8 sharp. All must attend. Concert Friday night.


H. F. KENT, Secretary.ENGLISH C.- Forensics will be returned at 12 o'clock today in Sever 10.

FRESHMAN CREW.- The following men will be at the gymnasium dressed to row at 3.45 sharp: McDonald, Bell, Loring, Williams. Eddy, Evens, Morgan, Clark, Gleason, Fay, Stetson, The other men to be dressed at 4.30.