Responsibilities of Power.

Mr. Breckenridge Addresses the Free Wool Club.

Yesterday evening at Sanders Theatre a large audience cordially welcomed Hon. W. C. P. Breckenridge of Kentucky, who, as a guest of the Free Wool Club, spoke on "The Responsibilities of Power." Mr. Breckenridge said:

The Democratic party is founded on the principles necessary for the maintenance of the Union. I do not deny that it has made several serious mistakes, but through them all it has remained true to its principles. Because of these principles they will come into power as it was of these principles that they went out of power.

From 1856 to 1870 the Republican party was perhaps the greatest party the world has ever seen; but by 1888 it had become a yast machine controlled by able, far-seeing business men who used it for mercenary and lucrative purposes. With a majority in both houses and a Republican President. the Republican party had a glorious opportunity. It failed ignominiously, and the last election was a revolt of the common people.

The Democratic party gladly welcomes additions. In '72 it received the cream of the Republican party under Horace Greeley. In '76, when Samuel J. Tilden, elected at the polls, was unconstitutionally kept out of the presidential chair. it got another addition; in '84 when Jas. G. Blaine became the Republican nominee there was still an other reformation; in '88 the decided stand of the Democratic party won more converts; and in 1890 at the last election the best of them all joined its ranks.

The Democratic Congress will remit to the states the rights that justly belong to them. The National Government will retain its sovereign power of taxation, but this taxation shall go no further than to meet necessary expenses. The Democratic party pledges itself to economy, and the luxuries of life shall bear the burdens of taxation.


The speaker was loudly applauded several times during the evening, especially at the mention of the names of W. E. Russell, Sherman Hoar. George Fred Williams and Dr. Everett.