Harvard Union.

Semi-Annual Election of Officers and Presentation of Reports.

Yesterday evening in Sever 11 the Union held its semi-annual election of officers.

After the reading of the minutes, H. E. Grigor, Sp., as chairman of the executive committee, read the following report:

The close of the first half of the college year finds the society in a prosperous and promising condition. The average attendance has been largely increased over that of last year, the average number present being 120. The society has held six meetings, four regular debates, one prize debate, and an election. Eight new members have been elected to the society. At the prize debate there were 175 present and 40 speakers.

The Secretary, M. A. Bartlett '93, then read the report of the financial condition of the Union. The total receipts are $36.24, expenditures $17.55, leaving $18.64 for amount of cash on hand.

The following officers were then unanimously elected: R. L. O'Brien '91, President; J. M. Perkins '92, Vice-President; F. W. Dallinger '93, Secretary and Treasurer.


After the transaction of some unimportant business, the society took up the question of the evening.

Question: "Resolved, That the McKinley Bill should be immediately repealed.

Principal Disputants: Affirmative, R. W. Hale '91, and R. L. O'Brien '91; negative, R. C. Surbridge, L. S., and J. L. Dodge '91.

The debate as a whole was a marked improvement over the preceding ones, and it is unfortunate so few were present to listen to it. The speeches of the principle disputants showed considerable preparation and were well received A number of men from St. James Church showed their appreciation by frequent applause.

In the early part of the evening considerable discussion took place over the advisability of choosing for debate subjects already discussed by English 6. The society was divided on this point.

The next debate will be on the Silver Bill.