FRESHMAN CREW. - There will be no work today.

D. F. JONES.As there are only two keys not given out, all gentlemen having keys to the Historical Reading Room who do not expect to use them will confer a favor by returning them to Mr. Spencer at the reading room from 1.45 to 2.15 p.m.

EDWARD CHANNING.THE following men will be at Leavitt & Pierce's at 10.45 sharp to go to Fall River: Whitney, Williams, Blake, Davis, McDonald, Ladd, Earle, Gardner, Harrison, Borden, Hoag.

R. B. BEALS,Captain.'93 ELEVEN. - Dibblee, Chew, Cary, Pike, Slade, Rogers, Broughton, Winslow, Winsor, Falk, Stevens, Thacher, Duffield, Jackson, Fairchild, be at Leavitt & Pierce's at 1.15 sharp to go to Andover.

J. H. PARKER.Captain.'95 ELEVEN. - The following men must be dressed in the gymnasium at 3.00 p. m. sharp: Wadsworth, McNear, Wardner, Heard, Bogden, Pierce, Kaven, Murchie, Potter, Raymond, Jackson. Caswell, H. P. Walker, Phelan, Adams, Wrenn. Huyler.


R. L. WHITMAN.Temp. Captain.