List of the Freshman Class.

The following list of the freshman class is as complete and accurate as can be arranged from the returns thus far made at the college office. No specials are included in the list.

Abbe, T, 3 Divinity

Adams, E L Jr, 68 Mt Auburn St

Adams, I S, 20 Holyoke St

Ames, W, 8 Manter Hall


Allen, H V D, 2 Phillips Pl

Allen, T F, 1734 Cambridge St

Allis, G, 38 North Ave

Arnold, E K, 10 Frisbee Pl

Bach, E S, 44 Brattle St

Bacon, C E, West Medford, Mass

Bacon, N S, 28 Harris St

Baker, C H, 15 Warland Block

Barker, N N, 48 Linnaen St

Barnum, S, 25 Divinity