Goal Kicking Cup.

The graduate cup for the goal kicking which was presented to the college two years ago will be competed for on Jarvis Field early next week, probably on Monday.

The cup is now held in trust by the captain of the eleven and according to the deed of gift it is to be put up for annual competition for a period of ten years. At the end of that time the cup will become the property of the man who has the largest score.

Each man will have eighteen tries - three drop kicks from the 25, 35 and 45 yard lines each, and three place kicks from the 30, 40 and 50 yard lines each. The twenty five and thirty line kicks count two points each, the thirty-five and forty line ones three points each and the forty-five and fifty line ones five points each.

In '89 the cup was won by Dennison '92, and in '90 by Trafford '93.

The competition for the cup this year will take place on Monday, Nov. 2. at 2 p. m. The following men are eligible: Fearing, Lake, Cobb, Gage, Grey, Trafford, Mason, Waters, Grant, Highlands, Vail, Bangs, Mackie, Berry, Emmons. Newell, Collamore, Hallowell, Bond, Pierce, Curtis, Saltonstall, Rantoul, W. H. Shea, D. W. Shea, Burgess, White, McNear, Blagden, Robb, Heard.


All of the above men who wish to compete must hand their names to H. C. Smith, 29 Hilton, before 12 o'clock on Monday.

Mr. Gardner Perry L. S., will referee the contest.