Base Ball.

As long as the present fine weather holds the candidates for next year's base ball nine will continue the practice begun on Holmes Field a week ago today. Some of the old men have left college; Hallowell and Trafford are playing foot ball. Of the other members of the nine last year or candidates for it Captain Frothingham, Bates, Howe, Dickinson, Cook, and Frothingham '94 have been out on the field. A number of new men have taken this early opportunity to show how they can play ball. Following are their names and the positions in which they wish to play, and the schools from which they came:

Whittemore '95, third base, captain of the Boston Latin team of last year; Caswell '95. first base, captain of last year's St. Mark's team; Dreyfus '95, second base, Boston Latin School; Kirwin '95, second base, Brown University; N. S. Bacon '95, centre field, Cambridge Latin School; C. E. Bacon '95, field, North Medford; Dodge. '95, second base, Newburyport; Reed '92, pitcher or field, Taunton; Hickey '93, field; Chamberlain '95, field, Phillips Exeter; Lawton '95, field, Dalzell's School, Worcester.

There is no probability of any games this year, but batting and fielding practice will be continued as long as the weather permits.

The Yale nine played last Monday against the New Haven Athletic Club, winning, in a featureless game, by a score of 3 to 0. Yale's batting order was as follows: Beall, 2 b.; Case, 1. f.; Bowers, p.; Murphy, s. s.; Kedzie, 3 b.; Jackson, c.; Walcott, 1 b.; Rustin, c. f.; Smith, r. f. At Princeton the inter-class championship series is being played.