Foot Ball Notice.

The following men must be on Jarvis at 4:00 sharp: Miller, Waters, Grant, D. W. Shea, Highlands, Vail, Bangs, Mackie, Berry, Emmons, Newell, Collamore, Hallowell, Gage, Cobb, Corbett, Lake, Fearing, Sherwin, Gray, Bond, Pierce, Curtis, Davis, Saltonstall, Rantoul, W. H. Shea, Brice, Burgess, Phelan, Mac Leod, Fogg, Hilton, Griswold, McNear, Blagden, Eddy, Steedman, Robb, Malone, Oppenheim, White.

Every man in the above list positively must join one of the tackling squads at the Carry building. All men who can, will be ready at 3:00: all others at 3:30.

All candidates for the freshman eleven will be on Norton's ready for play at 4:00 sharp. Men who have not been out before are especially urged to be present themselves. All candidates must tackle the dummy immediately after practice.

B. W. TRAFFORD,Captain.