Fact and Rumor.

Marks in Greek D will be announced today.

Professor F. G. Peabody is spending the winter in Dresden.

Marks are out for the recent hour examination in German IV.

G. D. Price '92 has been elected leader of the Dartmouth Glee Club.

French 6 will begin Le Menteur today. The book is on sale at Sever's.


The Brokaw memorial field at Princeton will be ready for use next spring.

The new Y. M. C. A. building at Dartmouth will be finished in a few weeks.

The matter of compulsory church attendance is again being agitated at Amherst.

There will be an open handicap cross-country run of the B. A. A. tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Professor James entertained at his house Monday night the freshmen, whose advisor he is.

F. G. Attwood '78, who is now editor of Life, began his work as an editor of the Lampoon fifteen years ago.

The weight of Princeton's eleven this year averaged 171 4-11 pounds, nearly ten pounds more than last year.

The Princeton Athletic Association is about to be incorporated according to a recent act of the State Legislature.

Several men of the Bowdoin eleven have been badly hurt and the team will in all probability play no more this fall.

Professor Bocher, with Professor Van Daell of the M. I. T., is publishing an International Modern Language Series.