Foot Ball Practice Yesterday.

The fact that the eleven was to be strengthened by Corbett, Mackie and Waters yesterday afternoon drew an unusually large crowd to Jarvis Field. Cumnock, Stewart and Adams were on the field to coach, and a considerable improvement in the work of the eleven was apparent. The coaching was directed especially to individual players, and in some cases the result of the advice received was very marked.

The teams lined up as follows.


Hallowell, Collamore.

Newell, Rantoul.


Mackie, (rushers) Vail.

Bangs, W. H. Shea.

Dexter, Highlands.

Waters, Fitzhugh.

Emmons, Bond.

Gage, (quarter-back) Cobb.

Lake, (half-backs) Fearing.

Corbett, (half-backs) Borden.

(half-backs) Garrison.

Trafford, (full-back) White.

Mason and Gray were temporarily layed up but will be out again in a few days.

The first eleven made touch downs every five or ten minutes. The second did not score. This work of the 'varsity was excellent, considering the strong centre put up against them by the second eleven. Shea showed marked progess, and kept the 'varsity's centre very busy. Corbett played a brilliant game at half-back, rushing with his old ardor. He does not, however, always judge the ball well when it is coming down on a kick, and sometimes, when he has caught the kick, he tries to return it after he has been tackled and drops the ball. These faults seem due to over-confidence, and are all the more dangerous on that account. Waters and Emmons both showed improvement, especially in avoiding interference.