Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in Phil. 10.

Yale defeated Amherst 27 to 0 on Wednesday.

German 1c will begin "Uber Bakterien" next week.

There are twenty-one candidates for the Yale Shooting Club.

The class in Semitic XIII will meet to-day in Sever 1, at half-past two.


Phelan '95, has been requested to stop playing with the freshman eleven.

The Yale 'Varsity foot ball practice will from now on be closed to spectators.

The annual dinner of the Derta Upsilon will be held tonight at the Vendome.

The senior class at Tufts has voted to wear the cap and gown on all public occasions.

The Delta Upsilon convention, during its session, admitted a chapter from Technology.

About 15 men were promoted from Latin B and C to Latin D after the October examinations.

Professor Cook will give several illustrated evening lectures in Chem. A after Thanksgiving.

One hundred and fifty new lockers are being built in the Gymnasium in the open place between the bowling alleys.

J. M. Howells '91, will have a story in the Christmas number of the Wide Awake. R. B. Hale '91, will also contribute.

Professor Hart spoke on "The Administration of John Adams" before the Boston school teachers Wednesday evening.

Bowdoin has been invited to take part in the regatta to be held on the Hudson next summer, by Columbia, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania.

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