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Foot Ball Practice.


There was a very large attendance at the foot ball practice yesterday afternoon. The grand stand at the entrance was fairly well filled and the field was lined with spectators on both sides.

A few minutes before four o'clock the eleven lined up for practice as follows:


Emmons, (left end) Collamore.

Waters, (left tackle) Mason.

Dexter, (left guard) Vail.

Bangs, (centre) Shea.

Mackie, (right guard) Berry.

Newell, (right tackle) Fitzhugh.

Hallowell, (right end) Bond.

Gage, (quarter-back) Cobb.

Lake, (half-backs) McNear,

Corbett, (half-backs) Borden,

(half-backs) Fearing.

Trafford, (full-back) White.

Cranston, Cumnock, Stewart, Adams and Mr. Lathrop were on the field. Cranston paid most of his attention to the second eleven, while Adams and Stewart did the coaching for the 'varsity.

After a quarter of an hour of fairly lively play the men stopped; but after a five minute rest went to work again and played till five o'clock. At times the 'varsity eleven played quickly; but as a general thing the men were very slow in lining up. The second eleven used the wedge occasionally to advantage. The 'varsity also called back its ends occasionally; but the men seemed unused to the play and did not carry it out effectively.

For the last ten minutes Trafford practised kicking goals from the field at the 35-yard line. The second eleven frequently broke through and stopped his attempt. During the last part of the practice Fearing took Lake's place, and Blagden took Fearing's. Blagden's tackling was one of the features of the second eleven's play.

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