THE English Club will meet this evening in 15 Holworthy at 8 o'clock.

HISTORY II. - Hour examination Nov. 5. A. L. inclusive report at Lower Massachusetts, all others in Sever 35.

S. M. MACVANE.THE Weld Boat House will be closed for the winter on Thursday, November 12. All men owing the Club will please settle with the treasurer, Mr. Stone, 60 Mt. Auburn St., immediately.

C. MORGAN, Sec.PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal at 4.15.

'VARSITY NOTICE. - The following men will be dressed ready to play at 3.30 sharp: Mason, Waters, Grant, Highlands, Van, Bangs, Mackie, Berry, Emmons, Newell Collamore, Hallowell, Gage, Cobb, Corbett, Lake, Fearing, Gray, Bond, G. B. Pierce, Curtis, Saltonstall, Rantoul, W. H. Shea, Burgess, White, McNear, Blagden, Robb, Heard.


If it is impossible for any of the above men to be ready at 3.30 they must see me at 5 Matthews before noon.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.FRESHMAN NOTICE. - All candidates must be on Norton's at 3.45 p. m. sharp.

R. L. WHITMAN,Temp. Captain.