"American Foot Ball."

Mr. Walter Camp, Yale '80, has issued a very interesting little book entitled "American Foot Ball." He gives a history of the Rugby game, first as it was played in England, and later its growth in this country. The essential points of difference between the Rugby game on this side of the water and the other are touched upon; but Mr. Camp devotes the greater part of the volume to a description of the positions on the eleven, as they have been developed in the American Rugby game. Mr. Camp probably knows foot ball more thoroughly than any other man in this country, and he is eminently well qualified to speak of the capabilities of each place on an eleven. To the captains of the larger teams what he has to say will of course prove hardly new; but to the players of lesser experience and to the ordinary on-lookers, Mr. Camp's description of the positions will give a most accurate and valuable idea of how real foot ball should be played.

The latter part of the volume is taken up with some timely words about "signals," and with two or three valuable chapters on training. Mr. Camp also gives a "chapter for spectators" who have never before seen the game.

The book is well illustrated with full page portraits of noted college players, though no personal sketches accompany the photographs. The Harvard men whose pictures are given are: D. S. Dean '91, quarter-back on last year's eleven; W. A. Brooks '87, captain and centre-rush of the '87 team; E. J. Lake '92, half-back last year and this; B. W. Trafford '93, captain and full back this year; V. M. Harding '89, quarter-back on '88's eleven; J. Corbett '94, half-back last year; P. D. Trafford '89, right-guard for four years; A. J. Cumnock '91, captain and end rush last year; and R. M. Appleton, captain and centre-rush of the '84 eleven.

[American Foot Ball. Walter Camp. Harper & Bros., New York, 1891. For sale at Thurston's.]