Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in Latin D.

Maps in History 1 must be handed in today.

There will be an examination in Phil. 3 today.

There will be a hare and hounds run next Monday.


The regular fall handicap games of Yale took place yesterday.

J. P. Lee, '91, is coaching the Culter eleven at New York.


The St. Paul's Society lost $29.00 by the recent failure of the Maverick Bank.

The library of the late Bishop Paddock has been presented to Trinity College.

Professor J. H. Wright spoke at the the meeting of the Y. M. C. A. last night.

Princeton has given six prizes to the men passing the best entrance examination.

Trinity has received a gift of $6,000 to improve the campus and college grounds.

On and after November 1st the Museum of Comparative Zoology will be closed on Sundays.

There will be a half-hour examination in Greek 8 on Saturday, for the undergraduates in the course.