Freshman Glee Club Trial.

The trial of candidates for the freshman Glee Club was held last night, in Roberts Hall. The number of candidates was large, especially so on the 1st bass part. On the whole the material was above the average of freshman clubs, and under Mr. Thayer's supervision, the prospects for a good club are very bright. There were some excellent voices in all the parts, and in the second bass, there were two or three exceptionally good ones.

The following are the men who tried:

1st tenors - P. S. Flint, A. W. Bancroft, A. F. Stevens, A. E. Upham, N. P. Dodge Jr.

2nd tenors - D. W. Bentley, R. T. Capen, A. S. Williams, S. Weile, T. F. Allen, A. J. Ostheimer Jr., J. H. Williams, F. D. Bolman, W. D. Brookings, W. P. Jay, Oppenheim.

1st Bass - H. H. White, H. E. Whitney, J. K. Whittemore, F. E. Lowell, P. H. Lombard, A. A. Gray, E. G. Merrill, W. H. Sheldon, F. N. Stein, E. Slade, C. T. Tatman, E. W. Forbes, W. E. Greenough, V. H. Mav, J. S. Adams, G. S. Newell, E. R. Crane, R. G. Grew C. S. French, F. P. Howard, W. Ames, W. C. Burke, H. S. Allen.

2nd bass - J. M. Washburn, E. H. Goodwin, Conley, G. Plumb, C. Vrooman, S. F. Eddy, A. H. Cornish, S. Harvey, H. W. Brown, A. W. Edes, B. Holbrook, H. Boyen.