The Class Game Today.

This afternoon at 3.45 the class championship will be played off. The juniors and sophomores the only remaining elevens now competing will play against each other and the winner will hold the championship. These two teams have been in training for some time and the men have worked very hard. The victory of the sophomores over the freshmen was not nearly so hard to win as that of the juniors over the seniors. And in all the games which the two teams have played the '93 team has shown itself superior by comparison to the '94 men. However, the sophomores have been working very hard lately and may be depended upon to make a stubborn fight.

The teams will probably be made up as follows:


Chew, (left end) Ladd.

Cary, (left tackle) McDonald.

Broughton, (left guard) Blake.

Winslow, (centre) Whitney.

Rogers, (right guard) Williams.

Ellsworth, (right tackle) Beals.

Dibblee, (right end) Weed.

Stevens, (quarter-back) Cabot.

Parker, (half-backs) Borden.

Thatcher, (half-backs) Gardner.

Duffield, (full-back) Hoag.