University Meeting.

The events in the handicap meeting on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon went off very smoothly, without much delay, the games being over almost at the time set on the schedule. While no records were broken, yet the events were, for the most part, closely contested and interesting. The number of entries in the events, especially the runs, was large but some of the men in each event failed to appear on time and were thus disqualified. The attendance was very small and the few who appeared on the benches at the beginning of the games gradually dropped off, till at the end the raw, cold wind had left only a very few.

At three o'clock the 120 yd. hurdle race was started with two entries T. C. Smith '92 (10 yds.) was first. Time 18 3-5 seconds. Wheelwright was second.

At the same time the running high jump was started with five entries: T. E. Sherwin '94; B. J. Worman '95; G. C. Chaney '94, E. B. Bloss '94, F. P. Howard '95. E. B. Bloss (3 in.) won with a record of 5 ft. 8 3-8 inches. B. J. Worman (7 in.) was second.

There were sixteen men in the 100 yd. dash, which was run in four heats and a final. In the first heat were: G. F. Brown '92. C. L. Hodgkins M. S., S. M. Merrill '94; W. L. Thompson '93. Winner first heat S. M. Merrill (4 yds.); time 11 sec. Second, Hodgkins (5 yds.) In the second heat were: C. S. Hickman L. S.; J. S. Cook '92; H. F. Hollis '92; O. K. Hawes Cook (scratch) won; time 10 4-5 sec. Hawes (scratch) second. Third heat: A Latham '92. C. E. Bacon '95, E. B. Hill '94, J. S. Coonley '94. Latham (6 yds.) won; time 10 4-5 sec. Bacon (7 yds.) second. Fourth heat: B. S. Priest '95, H. A. Bull '95, C. Coonley '94, P. Washburn '95. Priest (7 yds) won; time 10 4-5 sec. Washburn (5 yds) second. Later two more heats were run of which the winners were: M. S. Merrill, time 10 3-5 sec., and O. K. Hawes, time 10 4-5 sec. The final heat was won by Merrill (4 yds.), time 10 3-5 sec. O. K. Hawes (scratch) second.

Four men started in the 2 mile bicycle race: F. S. Elliot '95, F. S. Pratt '94, P. W. Davis '93, F. S. Olmstead Jr. '94. Davis (50 yds.) made a time of 6 min. 19 2-5 sec., but unfortunately fouled Elliot and lost first place. Pratt (scratch) won with Elliot (75 yds) second.

Four men entered for putting shot: E. James '95, G. C. Chaney '95, C. S. Hickman L. S., P. W. Whittemore '95. Whittemore (4 ft.) won with an actual distance of 32 feet. Chaney (5 ft.) second.

One mile walk had three entries: A. Whiteside '95, H. W. Thayer '95, E. L. Endicott '94. Endicott (scratch) won in fine form with a time 7 min. 2-5 sec. Thayer (50 sec.) second.

Eight men entered the 440 yd. dash: C. G. Hubbell '93, C. H. Baker '95, W. L. Thompson '93, F. S. Stetson '92, M. L. Sand '94, N. P. Dodge Jr. '95, C. E. Hutchison '92, H. G. Spooner '94. C. G. Hubbell (15 yds.) was winner. Time 52 2-5 seconds; C. E. Hutchison (25 yds.) second.

The running broad jump had three entries: T. Richardson '94, B. J. Worman '95, E. B. Bloss '94. First Richardson (4 in); second Bloss (scratch) 20 ft. 9 in.

T. Richardson was the only man in the 220 y'ds hurdle race. He made no effort to make good time.

Four men competed in the mile run: F. C. Hinckley '95, C. A. Blake '93, J. O. Nichols, L. S., D. W. Fenton '95. Hinckley (150 y'ds) won. Time 4 m. 38 2-5 seconds; Fenton (100 y'ds) second.

Four men entered for throwing hammer: E. James '95, G. C. Chaney '94, C. S. Hickman, L. S., H. R. Allen, Jr., '92. Allen (10 ft.) won with a distance of 73 ft. 1 in. Chaney (20 ft. second.

One man entered pole vault C. Hodgkins M. S. His height, when the pole broke was 8 ft. 8 1-4 inches.

Ten men entered 880 y'd run: F. M. Stein '95, J. Corbin '92, W. D. Boardman '92, A. R Whittier '94, H. C. Lakin '94, A. Lincoles '95, F. E. Lowell '95. J. O. Nichols, L. S., N. P. Dodge, Jr., '95, W. Emerson '95. Won by H. C. Lakin (15 y'ds . Time, 2 min. 3 1-5 sec.; Whittier (40 y'ds) was second.

Four preliminary heats were run in the 220 y'ds dash. The winners were: First heat S. M. Merrill, (7 y'ds). Time 23 1-5 seconds. Second heat, winner, P. W. Whittemore (12 y'ds). Time, 23 seconds. Third heat, winner, J. S. Coonley (20 y'ds). Time, 23 4-5 seconds. Fourth heat, P. Washburn (15 y'ds), winner. Time, 23 4-5 seconds. In the final heat Whittemore won. Time, 22 4-5 seconds. Second, P. Washburn.