English C.

Changes in the Forensic Pamphlet.

The attention of members of English C is called to the following changes in the list of Forensic topics:

Topics No. 6, under Ancient and Oriental Languages, and Nos. 6 and 16 under Modern Literature have been withdrawn.

No. 2, under Philosophy, should read thus: Are the advantages of Hypnotism as a therapeutic agent, and for purposes of experiment such as to justify the use of Hypnotism in spite of its alleged dangers to the subject?

In No. 4, under History, substitute the word Edward III for the word Henry IV.

No. 25, under History, should read thus: The opinions expressed by Taney in the Dred Scott case in regard to the Missouri compromise, and to the status of the Negro in colonial times are: (1) Obiter dicta. (2) Unsound.

[See the pamphlet entitled "A Legal Review of the Case of Dred Scott"- John Lowell and Horace Gray. Crosby, Nichols and Co., Boston, 1857.]

Add the following topics:

(1) Was Speaker Reed's Ruling Unconstitutional and Unprecedented?

(2) Ought the Free Coinage Bill to Pass?

(3) Ought the Federal Elections Bill to Pass?

The brief for the third forensic will be due Feb. 18, in Sever 10. The third forensic will be due March 3.