Fact and Rumor.

Mid-year marks are out in French 8.

The Yale sophomore crew will begin training in a few days.

There are still 117 men on the Memorial waiting list.

Ives of the 'varsity crew is coaching the Yale Freshmen.

Foss has been elected captain of the Tufts College base ball nine.

Dalzell '91, is coaching the candidates for pitcher on the Yale 'varsity.

The class of '92 at Columbla holds the class championship in base ball foot ball and rowing.

Dean Murray has been engaged to give a course of six lectures at the Yale Divinity School next year.

Of the 350 students at Amherst 242 are connected with some church, 20 intend entering the ministry.

All red bands used by Harvard men in the B. A. A. games Saturday night must positively be returned today.

J. S. Roddy '91, has been elected captain of the Princeton Mott Haven team in place of Black '91, who has left college.

At the meeting of the meeting of the minor Intercollegiate Athletic Association Saturday it was voted to hold the annual games at Springfield, May 27.

President Dwight of Yale preached yesterday morning at the Shepard Memorial Church. Rev. Alexander Mackenzie preached before the students at Yale.

Collectors have been appointed to canvass the various classes at Yale for subscriptions to purchase trophies for the '90 university crew. The trophies will be pewter steins.

The following officers of the '92 Signet have been elected for the second half year: President, E. B. Adams; vice-president, S. P. Duffield; secretary, G. Lowell; treasurer, H. Fahnestock; librarian, C. C. Closson.

In writing the next English B theme on "A Summary of Jevon's Primer of Logic," men are expected simply to condense to use Professor Wendell's own word-Jevons' Primer, to give such a summary of its principal heads as a book reviewer would give in a newspaper.

The programme of the Saturday lectures in English A is as follows: Early English Literature, Professor Kittredge; Chaucer, Professor Kittredge; Spenser, Professor Wendell; Shakspere, Professor Wendell; English Drama, Mr. Baker; Milton, Professor Briggs; Dryden, Professor Briggs; Swift, Mr. Lathrop; Pope, Mr. Lathrop; Defoe, Mr. Lathrop; The Reaction, Professor Wendell; Three lectures on Nineteenth Century Literature, Mr. Gates.