Fact and Rumor.

Marks are out in Latin F.

D. Shea '94, has stopped rowing with the 'varsity crew.

The Yale semi-annual examinations are now in progress.

Cumnock and Blanchard have begun training with the senior crew.

Ellsworth '93, has left the 'varsity crew on account of illness.


F. Allen, '93, has recovered from his recent attack of pneumonia.

Division A in Political Economy 1 will take up Cairnes on Friday.

The Yale Glee Club will hereafter devote their profits to establish a contingency fund of $3000, from which to pay running expenses.

At present the Glee Club is directed every Friday, by Arthur W. Thayer.

Professor F. G. Peabody will give a Lowell Institute lecture on "Political Ethics."

Blue books are necessary for the Wednesday dictation exercises in French 1a.

The Semitic Library in Sever 7 has received a number of books from England.

The D. U. Convention will be held in Boston next fall under the auspices of the Harvard Chapter.

The Harvard Banjo Club is to play at the next Smoke Talk of the Cadet Corps of Boston.

A theme, subject "Parallele entre Voltaire et Rousseau," is due in French 8 by March 26.