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Fact and Rumor.


Columbia, '88, has a Shakespeare Club.

The Lampoon is out, and is remarkably good.

There are sixty-four men at the Columbia School of Political Science.

There will be a one hour examination in Physics C, shortly after Thanksgiving.

"Rinklets: The Harvard Polo Club dined at Young's last evening!" - Bosion Herald.

There was a cut in Political Economy IV yesterday, and also one in Mathematics II.

Mr. James H. Woods, '87, has been elected junior business editor of the CRIMSON.

Nine members of the present Princeton team are graduates of New England preparatory schools.

Dartmouth has recently received the gift of an estate in Hanover, N. H., from a "friend" of the college.

Table 23 defeated table 4 of Memorial Hall at foot-ball, yesterday afternoon, by a score of 10 to 0.

The result of the Yale-Princeton game to-day will be posted at Leavitt & Peirce's immediately after the game.

The yard authorities have at last taken effectual measures for keeping the muckers off the turf. Similia Similibus, etc.

The hare and hounds run this afternoon will be a slow hunt. The run will be started in front of Matthews at 2.30 p.m.

John C. Wetherbee, Harvard '87, and Prof. of Law at Boston University, for unknown reasons committed suicide yesterday, by taking poison. - Yale News.

Complimentary tickets were given to all students of the University yesterday to see the celebrated Taunton club play polo with the Cambridges last night.

The Cambridge Tribune for this week devotes a column and half of matter to the Meigs elevated railway, now being constructed in East Cambridge.

Wendell Baker broke the half-mile college record yesterday afternoon by 3-5 of a second. The previous record of 2 minutes and 4-5 seconds was held by Goodwin, '84.

The CRIMSON eleven is now open to challenges from non-professional scrub elevens. All professional players strictly barred. Address Manager CRIMSON Eleven, DAILY CRIMSON.

Officers of the Columbia Boat Club for the coming year are as follows: president, J. T. O. Rhinelander; vice-president, Joseph Lawrence, treasurer, J. T. Goodwin; secretary, J. V. Bouvier; captain of the club, E. B. Hart, Jr.

A recent canvass of the majority of Tufts College with reference to compulsory chapel, resulted at follows: 21 were in favor of retaining the custom, 9 wished it abolished, and 64 wished the matter of attendance to be made optional.

There are now eighteen chances taken for the Acta banjo. Twenty-five is the number to be sold. Don't consider this a worn-out tune, but take a chance - only fifty cents. - Acta Columbiana. There are several ways of supporting college papers. Herein is suggested one of them.

Mr. James Russell Lowell, in his hours of ease smokes a common clay pipe, although he offers to his guests the finest Havana cigars. The practice is quite common in England and Scotland, where, however, the clay is much softer and more porous than that usually found in pipes sold in this country, - Harpers Weekly.

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