Yale Crew.

It was stated last week in one of the New York papers that but two of last year's Yale crew would row this year. This article, describing the poor athletic outlook at Yale, was appropriately headed "Yale's Annual Tale of Woe." But just at present this tale of woe is not so grievous, since Heffelfinger has finally consented to row on the crew this year.

This week he goes to Philadelphia for a special ten days course of training under the direction of Robert J. Cook. This is necessary, because Heffelfinger has not been rowing with the other candidates for the crew during the past two months. He has consequently lost considerable time. His old awkwardness, which prevented him from remaining in the boat last year, is no less an objection than it has heretofore been, but the need of big and strong men in the crew has inspired the managers to use special efforts to put Heffelfinger into the desired condition. If he can get himself into shape he will be the feature of the Yale crew.

The candidates for the 'varsity crew number sixteen and are as follows: G. S. Brewster, '91, (captain), 182 lbs.; W. H. Simms, P. G., 167; A. J. Balliet, '92, 165 lbs.; B. L. Crosby, '92, 167; P. Hagerman, L. S., 178; R. D. Paine, '94, 184; H. T. Ferris, '91, 177; C. W. Mills, '93, 170; P. Klimpke, '92, 164; F. W. Jones, '91, S., 167; C. R. Ely, '91, 172; J. A. Gould, '92, S., 167; J. Q. Tilson, '91, 178; T. F. Bayard, Jr., L. S., 180; W. H. Haskell, '92, 169; A. G. Graves, '91 S., 172; C. M. Robinson, '91, S., 163. Of course to these names that of Heffelfinger is to be added.

The first crew is composed as follows: Simms (stroke), Hagerman, Brewster, Paine, Ferris, Mills, Crosby, Balliet. Hagerman, rowing 7, was on the Cornell crew last year, and, according to the Yale News, gives promise to be a fair one, although he has a number of faults at present. "The general faults of these men," says the News, "are lack of earnestness, complete absence of swing, poor time, and wretched watermanship."