Fact and Rumor.

T. S. Huntingdon has been elected Valedictorian of the Senior class at Lawrenceville.

The senior appointments at Lehigh were announced by the faculty last Wednesday. Walter Forstall is Valedictorian and Wm. Tapping, Salutatorian.

It is anticipated that Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes and Rev. Phillips Brooks will get among the guests at the Phillips Academy Alumni dinner in New York, March 31.

The announcement made in the CRIMSON several days ago of the requirements for the coming examination in Fine Arts 3 was not entirely correct. The work required consists of the first 295 pages of the Oman, Reber's account of Archaic Art, and Plutarch's Lives of Aristeides, Cimon, Pericles, and Themistocles.

The Princeton College team have arranged the following games: March 28, with Philadelphia club, at Philadelphia; April 3, Williams College at Princeton; 4 and 8, New York, at New York City; 7, St. John's College, at Fordham, New York; 11, Lehigh College, at Bethlehem; 15. Columbia College, at Princeton; 18, University of Pennsylvania, at Princeton; 22 Staten Island Athletic Club, at Princeton; 25, Lafayette College, at Easton; 29, Englewood Field Club, at Princeton.


The number of men training for the Yale freshman crew has been reduced to fourteen. They are T. Perkins, bow, 160 lbs.; Howland, No. 2, 165 lbs.; McDuffe, No. 3, 165 lbs.; Loomis, No. 4, 168 lbs.; Dunkerson, No. 5, 171 lbs.; Kinney, No. 6, 171 lbs.; H. B. Perkins, No. 7, 162 lbs.; Van Huyck, stroke, 172 lbs., Polk, substitute, 171 lbs.; Holmes, substitute, 159 lbs.; Sedgewick, 169 lbs.; Lay, 171 lbs.; Tishel, 168 lbs.; and Pope. 156 lbs. The average weight of the crew is 166 lbs. Its chief faults are: Poor time, slowness in starting the slide, at the beginning of the recover, a tendency to bury oars at the finish, to kick out the slides on the catch, to buck and a general carelessness in regard to the work.