Fact and Rumor.

A Harvard Club is to be formed soon in Bangor, Maine.

Yale will establish an annex as soon as funds are provided.-Ex.

H. A. Bayne '92 has been elected chairman of the Yale Record.

W. K. Flint '91, has gone home on account of illness in his family.

All fables and passages to be learned in French 2 must be recited before the April vacation.

Greenough White '84 has published a "Sketch of the Philosophy of American Literature.


Stephen Enwright, the assistant at the gymnasium has patented a very good tennis pole.

Captain Dana of the Princeton nine will play with the M. A. C. Team after the close of the college season.

Columbia college recently received a bequest of $100,000 from C. M. Da Costa to form a new scholarship.

The 'varsity nine will play two games with the Boston League team on the South End grounds April 2 (Fast Day).

There will be an hour examination in German 4 on Friday on "Hrrmann and Dorothea" and "Faust" as far as read at the last recitation.

The Amherst nine has been invited to play the West Point team, at the time of the West Point commencement in June.

Yale has refused to play the University of Pennsylvania if the latter plays with the Athletics of the American Association.

About thirty-five men sat down to the Glee Club Dinner at Young's on Saturday evening. L. F. Berry '92 read an original poem.

Oxford won the annual Oxford-Cambridge race last Saturday by a quarter of a length. The race was a brilliant one and the four miles were covered in just twenty-two minutes.

McNear '91 won the fifty yards dash at the Yale and 7th Regiment games on Saturday. He had a yard handicap and his time was 5 4-5 seconds.

The following officers of the Princeton Gun Club have been elected for the ensuing year: President-J. L. Williams '92; secretary and treasurer-Clay '93.

The Williams College base ball schedule is as follows: Princeton April 3, University of Pennsylvania April 8 and 9, Yale April 14 and 15, Harvard April 29.