Fact and Rumor.

Maloon '94 has left college.

Clarkson has started to train with the 'varsity nine.

Simms, who has been rowing with Yale 'varsity has left college on account of illness.

The Free Wool Club will elect officers at its meeting next Friday.

There are still about twenty-five candidates for the freshman nine.

The candidates for the Princeton 'varsity have been reduced to fifteen.

Board at Memorial has averaged $3.92 a week for December and January.

Cabot '94, stroke on the freshman crew, has stopped rowing on account of illness.

The amount spent in extras at Memorial for December and January was $2,250.

Seymour Howell '92 is seriously ill with peritonitis at the Cambridge hospital.

At a meeting of the '92 Yale News board, C. H. Day was elected chairman and P. Jay financial editor.

The University Glee Club will be in the hands of Mr. Arthur W. Thayer during the coming season.

At a meeting of the Classical Club last night Professor Palmer read a paper on "Monotheism in the Odyssey."

W. J. Corcoran, the professional athletic trainer of Boston, has been reengaged to coach the Yale bicycle team.

The longest game of base ball on record was played at Boston in 1887 between Harvard and Manchester teams. Twenty-four innings were played, score 0 to 0.

At the meeting of the Deutscher Verein Monday night four new members were elected: Patterson, Schoen, Ahlers and Hughes. It was decided to initiate new members. Short comedies are to be read at approaching meetings.

There will be three Vesper Services after today. G. S. Lamson '77, will be the soloist today; the singers at the succeeding vespers will be Mr. H. O. Johnson, W. H. Edgerly '86, and Mr. G. J. Parker.