Glee Club Concert.

The Glee Club, assisted by the Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, gave a concert at Music Hall last night for the benefit of the university crew. A large audience greeted the club and listened to the programme with evident pleasure. There were several solos; Mr. Wendell's being especially good. The programme was as follows:

PART I.1. (a) Cannibal Idyll.

(b) Birdling in the Linden Tree.

2. Pride of the South.


Banjo Club.3. Glee. (a) Serenade, L. S. Thompson '92, solo by Mr. Williams.

(b) Mrs. Craigin's Daughter, R. W. Atkinson, solo by Mr. Wendell.

(c) O'Grady's Goat. Solo by Mr. Wendell.

4. Mandolin Club. Andalusia.

PART II.1. Scotch Dance.

Banjo Club.2. Glees. (a) The Moonlighter, E. H. Abbott '93, solo by Mr. Farwell.

(b) Tom, the Piper's Son.