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There will be an hour examination next Tuesday in Greek I.

John F. Morrill has been engaged to coach the Exeter nine.

The McKim fellowships in architecture at Columbia, amounting to $1,000 each, have been awarded, for the first time, to A. C. Munoz of the class of '88, and A. M. Welch of the class of '90.

The Harvard Andover Club offers this year two prizes of $15 and $10 for excellence in English. The paper is to be set by Professor Briggs, and will be open to the two upper classes of Andover.

The Mott Haven team began strict training yesterday morning. At eight o'clock they met in front of Matthews and took a brisk walk before breakfast, separating in front of Holden Chapel. About fifty men turned out.


The bicycle team went into training yesterday. They took a four mile spin around the track. The men finished in the following order: R. H. Davis, G. F. Taylor, H. S. Pratt, O. B. Hawes, T. Barron, F. L. Olmsted.

The Yale freshman nine went to the training table Monday morning. The candidates are Bigelow, Bliss, Eaton, Frambach, Garlic, George, Jenkins, McCormick, Rustin, Skinner and Walcott.

Professor John Williams White will lecture tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock in Harvard 1 on "The Greek Stage." The lecture will be illustrated by steriopticon views, and is intended for students in Greek B, C, and D.

Rhoades '92 (scratch), bowled Ingalls '92 (90), yesterday afternoon in the preliminaries of the bowling contest for second prize. Ingalls won the match, 410 to 379. Mackay '92, and Gray '92, bowl Thursday morning, the winner to bowl Ingalls for the cup.

The Faculty at Brown proposes to change the academic year from three terms to two. It also proposes to abolish the senior vacation in the early summer on the ground that the example of idle seniors is pernicious to the rest of the college.