THE third prize contest of the Harvard Fencing Club will take place in the rooms on the sixth of May. Entries must be given to the secretary before Monday evening, May 4.

'94 NINE.- The following men will be in front of Belcher's this morning at 11.45 sharp to go to Exeter: Dickinson, Corbett, Linnfield, Minton, Homans, Quigley, Cabot, W. Clarke, Frothingham, Harding.

J. B. LOWELL, Temp. Cap.TICKETS for the Jamaica Plain concert of the Freshman Glee and Banjo Clubs are on sale at Thurston's. Concert takes place in Eliot Hall, Saturday at 8 p. m. Tickets $1 2t

FOUND.- On Friday morning in Cambridge Square, a purse containing a small sum of money. Apply to 5 Hastings.

LOST.- A square, black card case with the mitials G. C. on one corner, containing a sum of money and a base ball season ticket. Finder will receive reward by returning to 38 Thayer Hall.


CRICKET.- Following men come to Bartlett's at 1 o'clock for Mystic: Hewes, Davis, S. Skinner, C. Skinner, Griswold, Wells, Chew, Nicholson, Smith; substitute, Hinckley.

A. C. GARRETT, Capt.