The Cricket Eleven.

The 'varsity cricket team will play its first championship match of the season tomorrow with Haverford. Both the University of Pennsylvania and Haverford have consented to play in Cambridge this year in order that the destruction of the cricket league by the New England rule might be avoided.

Last year none of the three members of the association won the championship as Harvard beat Haverford, Haverford beat the University of Pennsylvania, and the latter institution beat us, making the result a drawn contest all round.

Already this year our eleven has played the three strongest teams in New England and has won a match, lost a match, and drawn one.

On the thirtieth of this month we play our match with Yale in New Haven where Harvard should be victorious.

The following are the men who will make up the Harvard team in the match with Haverford: Garrett (captain) P. G.; S. Skinner, L. S.; C. Skinner, L. S.; Hewes, M. S.; MacVeagh, '93 (wicket keeper); Quinby, L. S.; Sullivan, L. S.; H. A. Davis '91; Griswold '93; J. A. Parker '91; Wells '94, or Corning '91.

The match will begin promptly at 9 a. m. on Holmes, and probably be finished by 3.30, at which time the Cycling Association will have the field. Admission 25 cents.